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Do you rely on CCTV or the vigilance of security officers?

Posted 02-05-16

How do you deal with management of your site?

Whether you have CCTV or not, the future of efficient site management is state-of-the-art remote monitoring. Specifically tailored by Sygma Security Systems Ltd to meet your individual requirements of each site – remote monitoring can give you peace of mind, without the fear of human error.

Through remote monitoring Sygma has helped to improve the site management of many companies.

Why should I Invest in a remote monitoring system?

24hr surveillance and monitoring allows instant notification and evaluation of incidents.

Multiple location monitoring means that simultaneous monitoring of more than one site can be achieved with just one system.

Reduction of security costs as remotely monitored CCTV eliminates the need for human presence on site, making it a much more cost effective solution as well as round the clock site management without the tea break.

But what about the costs?

Remotely monitored CCTV provides significant cost savings for sites requiring round the clock surveillance, for example:

Guard Costs

  Hours Total
Weekdays 7am – 7pm 60 Hours
Weekends 24 Hours 48 Hours
Total   108 Hours
  Hourly Rate £10.25
  Weekly Cost £1,107.00
  Annual Cost £57,564.00

CCTV Average Site Cost based upon 16 cameras

Supply and installation £18,000.00 One off cost
Monitoring £3,000.00 Per annum
Service and Maintenance £1,800.00 Per annum
Total £22,800.00  
Cost saving – Year 1 £34,764.00  
Cost saving – Year 2+ £52,764.00 Per annum

Remotely monitored CCTV improves site management and reduces the risk of theft and vandalism and the system eradicates human error therefore reducing the number of police call-outs.

Video indexing facility enabling the system to keep a record of all activity providing you with necessary evidence if required.

So in short, the reasons for choosing remote monitoring are:

  • Very cost effective
  • Instant response
  • 24 hour, 365 day coverage
  • Full service back up
  • Improved security
  • Peace of mind

Client Testimonials

"Remote monitoring works very well for us, giving us peace of mind as well as saving us money. It's nice to know our sites are still being looked after when we go home."

Security Manager – Multi-sited Car Dealership

"Why choose a static guard when the more cost effective solution would be to have a fully monitored, event driven security solution to save costs and have the ability to cover more areas than a static guard ever can."

Group Security Installation Manager – Multi-sited Building Supplies Company

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