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"The cameras have had an immediate impact in reducing vandalism in the school."
Geoff Jones, Bursar
The Charles Dickens School
"Thank-you Harry for the simply spectacular shots and video footage of our vineyards that you managed to collect for us with your drone."
Frazer Thompson Chief Executive
Chapel Down Group plc
"Sygma are an excellent company to work with."
Chris Warnes
Hadleigh Castings Ltd
"The service from the installation team really was excellent - no hassle, no fuss."
Simon Taylor, Street Facilities Manager
Braintree District Council
"Thank you very much for your great effort in helping us to obtain additional cards."
Sergei Stephantsov
Orchard Villas
"We have used Sygma on site for 9 years and have never had any problems with the service!"
Mark Spires
"I have, for the last 5 years, always found Sygma to be right on their game."
Roger Dawkins, Group Security/Facilities Manager
Jardine Motors
"Our decision to use Sygma has been completely justified by the high levels of service and technical expertise that they have provided."
Andy Dickson
Heavyweight Air Express
"I would highly recommend the services of Sygma Security."
Will Corley
Cygnet Healthcare
"I just wanted to place on record my appreciation for all the hard work of your team."
Peter French
Gold Command
"I have been very impressed with Sygma's ability to design and implement a turn-key security package."
Paul Gale, Process Improvement Manager
Abbey Corrugated Ltd
"I have been using Sygma since 2004 and they have always provided me with a first class service."
Mark Smith, Facilities Manager
Ilford Ursuline School
"Mark and Saul are a credit to your organisation and should be commended for their achievements."
Simon Ellis, Head of Security and Business Continuity
British Council

Commercial Drone Services and Aerial Surveys

We are pleased to announce that we have now obtained a commercial drone operating license, granted by the CAA, and we are now in a position to offer this cutting edge technology to our customers throughout Suffolk and the UK.

Drone technology has potentially huge cost saving implications across a wide range of disciplines, from carrying out roof and site surveys to providing broadcast quality video recordings.

Drone Footage

Drones can be used to survey large areas quickly and give a new perspective to planning new or upgrading existing projects. Drones provide the benefit of a unique bird’s eye view without the use of access equipment or for larger scale projects – helicopters.

Health and Safety concerns become a thing of the past when contemplating carrying out a high level survey – why use a cherry picker and operators when a drone can provide you with close up 4K images in a fraction of the time and cost!

Our services include:

Thermal Building Inspections

  • Full inspection between internal and external areas
  • Thermal indexing to identify areas of excessive energy loss
  • Severity grading of faults found
  • Direct comparison between pre and post contractor work

Water Leaks, Roofing Inspections

  • Fault pages to diagnose issues
  • Thermal images supplied of all internal areas
  • Provision of direct comparison between pre and post contractor work
  • Inclusion of drone imaging where specified for larger roof areas or where walk-in is not optimising results

Aerial Building Survey Inspection

Building surveys of roofs, barns, towers, stadiums, wind turbines, churches, etc. no longer need expensive cherry-pickers or scaffolding. At Sygma we can give you high resolution images or high definition video of most structures that can be challenging to reach. We make sure you’re getting exactly the images you require, not only that but there’s no longer the need for anyone to work at height so the project has less risk involved. Here at Sygma we operate to strict procedures, governed by the CAA, as our first priority is safety. Deploying drones for site inspections allows safer access to the building rather than having to use cherry pickers and scaffolding. Drone inspections require no area of the site to be closed while the survey is taking place.

3D Mapping

The drones capabilities are endless; flying aerial missions collecting data, creating application maps, 3D modelling, accurate measurement, track construction site progress enabling instant ground truthing, environmental monitoring, industrial inspection and high definition orthomosaic photography and 4K filming.

Construction Site Monitoring

Construction site monitoring can help to monitor the progress of any construction project for the purpose of site progression and health and safety.

Forest & Environmental Conservation

Environmental problems are an exponentially growing problem. Using UAV's to monitor organic health such as forests and gives you a unique opportunity to view vast amounts of land from above and often from a view that hasn’t been seen before.

Crop Scouting for Agriculture

Using UAV's for crop scouting is a new technology that is already paying dividends, get early warnings you can spot with a drone what the eye can’t see and nip disease in the bud. This means that crop yield can be increased year on year and output can be continually monitored and improved.

Our team is passionate about providing the service that adds value to your home or business – contact us now for a no obligation quote.

  • Thermal imaging solutions

  • Thermal imaging solutions

  • Water leaks, roofing inspections

  • Fire risk assessments for your building

  • Aerial photography Alan Bartlett and Sons

  • Aerial photography City of London

  • Aerial photography City of London

  • Aerial photography City of London

  • Aerial photography City of London

  • Aerial photography City of London

  • Aerial photography Chapel Down Group plc

  • Aerial photography Chapel Down Group plc

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